what you need to know in the nuclear age

Group Survival Project

Optimal planning for survival includes being able to count on help. Obviously a group of well-prepared people can surmount obstacles far better than individuals or impromptu groups resulting of necessity post-holocaust. The ideal survival methodology is a retreat to safe shelter that is geographically convenient to groups of people who have easy access to it, say as far as their car can go on a tank of gas. Preferably a good distance from any major cities and not along major thoroughfares either. It doesn't have to be a survivalist camp but does need to provide good shelter with clean water and the availability of sufficient land for post-nuclear agriculture. It could be financed by incorporating as a company to buy a property to timeshare and operate it as such, with members having first rights and an appropriate property management company handling maintenance and occupancy during periods when no owners are there.

If you are interested in joining forces with others to organize your postnuclear survival, please let us know below and we'll develop this out into a matching service so that you can find others near enough to share a safe retreat with you. You can all prepare and be ready to help each other if the need arises, and in the meantime you can enjoy a timeshare.

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