what you need to know in the nuclear age


"Nuclear war would destroy the planet and kill everyone"

On the contrary, even a full-scale nuclear war would not kill every living human being on the planet. There would be many survivors (especially in the southern hemisphere), although many of those who escape the initial blast and radiation effects would later fall victim to radiation from fallout in their food, water and air, and many would succumb to disease or starvation. You can greatly increase your chances of survival by preparing beforehand. Besides, a limited nuclear war or terrorist event might not severely affect you at all unless you were too close to it and didn't know what to do. It is now believed that the original predictions of a Nuclear Winter were overblown and that even the worst case scenarios would only cause a few tens of degrees drop in average temperatures for a few months or years. Enough to devastate economies and bring on a lot of starvation and suffering, but we probably don't have to worry about glaciers covering all of North America.

"I'd rather be dead anyway"

Maybe so, but that's no guarantee you will be in the aftermath of nuclear war, a terrorist event, a train derailment that dumps a couple tons of high level waste in your back yard, etc. You may pick yourself up off the ground with no injuries, maybe just a few burns, or maybe if you were standing behind a window when the blast hit your skin will be embedded with glass shards but you'll otherwise be fine. What will you do next? Most people have a strong urge to live, even under the worst of conditions. If you think you'd rather commit suicide, what are you doing at this web site in the first place? Wouldn't you at least want to see your family live? You might be able to save them and yourself by preparing beforehand.

"I trust my government to never let nuclear war happen"

What planet are these kind of people from? George W. Bush threatened to use nuclear weapons in Iraq and rattled his saber toward the North Koreans too. Especially with the proliferation of nuclear weapons in the hands of unstable countries like North Korea and Pakistan we are probably at greater risk of nuclear war now than we have been since the Cuban Missile Crisis. And the government can't stop every terrorist from acquiring and smuggling nuclear weapons into this country. It's no longer a question of if a nuclear bomb will explode in an American city, it's a matter of where and when.

The North Korean Central News Agency released this propaganda
poster January 31, 2003 depicting North Korea's military power:

Source: Nuclear War Unthinkable? at

"We'd all get cancer and die eventually anyway"

Yes everybody has to die eventually, but it doesn't necessarily have to be early and from cancer, and there's a lot you can do to reduce the chances of getting cancer after a nuclear war. So no, not every survivor would get cancer. A lot of them would, but it doesn't necessarily have to be you and your family if you are prepared beforehand.

There are many myths about nuclear war, the above are the most common. If you'd like to explore more myths and read a more realistic scenario of what a nuclear war will most likely resemble, you should visit




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